The mesh in S2|02

A part of the ER-Lab in the NICER project

There will be more detailed information about the installation and the ER-Lab Testbed Nodes in S2|02 soon.

NICER Systemmodell


What is in the box?

Pictures will follow as soon as the design is finalized, essentially the nodes in S2|02 consist of the following:

  • an ARM computing node (RaspberryPi 3)
  • a USB WiFi stick for 2.4 Ghz with external antenna
  • a PoE splitter to supply the node with power, standard compliant to IEEE802.3af/at
Additionally, there may be the following devices in some nodes, but it is not sure if all nodes will get this equipment in the end:
  • a telosB sensor node
  • a CO2 sensor
  • a LoRa-module





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